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  1. The Sun Patch
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  2. The Old Time Rock and Roll Patch
  3. The Be Groovy or Leave, Man Patch
  4. The Take It Easy Patch
  5. The Slow Ride Patch
  6. The Cosmic Dancer Patch
  7. The Zeppelin Record Patch
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  8. The Magic Mushroom Patch
  9. The Take A Trip Patch
  10. The John and Yoko Patch
  11. The Have A Groovy Day Patch
  12. The Mushroom Patch
  13. The Jimi Patch
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  14. The Led Zeppelin Patch
  15. The Modern Life Patch
  16. The Bad Moon Rising Patch
  17. The Ramble On Patch
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  18. The Cherry Bomb Patch
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  19. The Groupie Patch
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  20. The Strawberry Fields Patch
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  21. The Flower Child Patch
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  22. The Steppenwolf Patch
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  23. Mystery Patch Bundle (choose the quantity of mystery patches!)